Motorola T5522 Review

By Dave

Motorola T5522 !

Motorola T5522 Ė Twin set for £89.99

They come complete with rechargeable batteries, twin charger, and manual!! 

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Key Features:

8 channels and 38 codes - 304 talk combinations to reduce congestion. 

Hands-free use

Keypad lock

Chunky rotary on/off/volume switch

Large easy-to-read screen with user-friendly icons showing channel, code and battery status

Stylishly molded in high-impact blue or black polycarbonate

My first thought when I unpacked the radios was, Cool ! Now the only disadvantage is, you have to charge the radios for about 16 hours for first time, so before I did I just put some standard batteries in to have a look test them etc.

To turn the radios on, you turn a big chunky knob on the top, which is also the control for the volume, which I find a lot better than an on/off button. You are greeted by the usual Motorola sound, and you have the battery, Channel number, code number and a small icon on the top right that is telling you roger beep is turn on.  Unlike the Motorola T6222 where the PTT is on the front, on this radio, itís on the left side, which makes things a lot easier, accessory socket is on the right side, with a protective rubber cover witch is plugged in. On the front of the radio you have 5 buttons, Menu, Call, Monitor + and -. Menu button when held down is also key lock.


Once I have charged the radios over night for 16 hours, I went up in my brothers room, which is up the top of the house, and My dad had to go to work some 4 miles away, there was very good reception for quite some time, being in the line of site. In some area my Dad went through some built up areas with lots of trees in the way, still picked him up with a little break-up, after about 4 miles I lost him, Not being in the line of sight and he was then in a very built up area to add to it. So over all very pleasing, I have been around my local town as well, and picked up good, again built up area, and my parents was on ground level at this point so also very pleasing.

Comparing with other radios I have owned, starting with the Maxon RS446, the T5522 wins by far, Maxon radio just broke up where ever I went, not that great really, and the most recent radio is the Motorola T6222, which is a great radio, but had to get rid of it, because I have weak thumbs and find the PTT on the front hard to use. I would say both the T6222 and T5522 are great on reception, but the T5522 lacks some features. It depends what you want, if you want all the features then itís the T6222 but the T5522 are just as good and cheaper!!

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