Exclusive - On Board The Pacific Titan

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Many thanks to Geraint A Jones for these fantastic pictures and information from the Pacific Titan. Geraint can be found on the PMR446 eQSO Gateway System.

01 - View From Heli Deck Of Satellite Domes & Antenna Arrays B.jpg (44152 bytes)

Pacific Titan Comms

Sat B

Voice, Fax and data transfer only used onboard here for voice and fax, the data transfer part was superseded by the Iridium system

02 - View From Heli Deck Of Satellite Domes & Antenna Arrays B.jpg (54378 bytes)

Sat C

Used for data comms in the form of text files, two terminals both identical for 100% redundancy.  Linked into GMDSS system for maritime warnings via data

04 - Main Mast ANtenna Array & Sat B Dome B.jpg (67716 bytes)

V Sat

Voice, fax, data.  Used for full internet connectivity, bandwidth is 64MBps.  This is used for transfer of voice, internet connection, and seismic data to server in Norway.


03 - V Sat Dome B.jpg (38455 bytes)


Used for HF calling and emergency use


Voice, fax and data, used mainly for ships email to office, using MS Outlook and Iridium interfacing software

05 - GMDSS Station B.jpg (70804 bytes)


Mixed bag of fixed and hand held units for ship to ship comms and internal comms onboard

06 - My Set Up For VOIP B.jpg (58887 bytes)

My Information

Geraint A Jones, 35 years old, married two rug rats

Marine Engineering Officer, Chief Engineering Office Pacific Titan

Home Location is Cwmbran, South Wales, hope to have a gateway set up there this leave but will only be online 11 hours a day as I am on a dial up connection

Be using various forms of radio since I was twelve ranging from UK27Mhz FM, USB, LSB, AM, PMR, Marine VHF & UHF.

QSL Conformation B.jpg (37497 bytes)

Vessel Information

Full spec in PDF format can be downloaded at www.swire.com.sg

Go to fleet and search Pacific Titan

Many thanks Geraint for all that fascinating information and those great photographs - Delboy  

UPDATE - Geraint has starting building a website in his spare time where he hopes to add more information about his travels. The link is: http://www.freewebs.com/9v5935/

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