PMR446 DX Weekend 2004

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th August

Pictures from the DX weekend

The DX weekend is an opportunity for us all to get the most out of our little radios. Find a high spot and give out a call - It's as easy as that !

This year the weather across most of the UK was fantastic, so no excuse for staying indoors, but this actually proved to be a problem for the DX weekend as people appeared to have had much better things to do in the good weather than go out DX-Ing. The PMR446 channels were actually quieter than usual and there has not been much in the way of contact information. So here are a few pictures of our DX attempts at the top of our local pit heap.

This is Jason who took the opportunity to see if he could make any contacts on the amateur bands with his VX-5R. The pit heap is an excellent location for VHF/UHF contacts.   

Jason (M1EHZ) on his Yaesu VX-5R

Meanwhile I can be seen here with my Alan 456 in hand and my Motorola T6222 on standby in my back pocket. This was a good time to compare the two radios. The T6222 is a long standing favourite of mine but I have found the Alan 456 to be an excellent radio also.  Delboy on PMR446
All contacted stations gave good reports for both radios but the Motorola just had the edge on both RX and TX. Alan 456 and Motorola T6222
Here we can see the Motorola T6222, Jason's VX-5R and the Alan 456 next to each other on the ground. Motorola, Yaesu and Alan
This is David using his Binatone MR610. A low priced PMR446 which seems to perform very well. He had no difficulty contacting the same stations as myself.

David (M0DAD)

David gives out a call on channel 8 as Jason takes a closer look at my Motorola T6222.

PMR446 DX Weekend

David makes contact and Jason waits for his turn.

PMR446 DX Weekend

At last I can get a word in. Jason speaks to two stations in Seaton Delaval. PMR446 DX Weekend
This picture shows that we are well above the surrounding houses. The pit heap is the highest point in Blyth and as such provides the best opportunity for DX contacts. PMR446 DX Weekend

Our contacts ranged from very local stations out to a distance of about 20 miles. So nothing special in regard to DX work but we did have some fascinating conversations. We would especially like to thank John and Steve (With the kids) in Seaton Delaval, Tim in Wallsend who operates the UK115 gateway through which we spoke to Ian in Newcastle and Simon in Prague !!!!

Hi Folks,

Was feeling fit today. Got on the mountain bike and cycled up the Bathgate Hills, well actually half way up. this location is between Edinburgh and Glasgow, nearly halfway between the cites. A great spot for Dxing over the years especially since the good old CB days of the 70`s and 80`s. On a clear day from here you can see the peaks of the Isle of Arran.
Anyway my report from here at about 12.30 Sun, called on ch8 a few times from the North side of the hills but no replies. The only signals I heard from this location was activity from British Touring Car Championships from Knock Hill in Fife (roughly 12miles)on this channel.

Then headed over to the south side of the hills and heard a few local stations, kids etc. Called a few times here and no reply's again. The weather was misty with quite a strong easterly wind. A suggestion for future Dx weekends I think would be scheduled calls on the hour/half hour between 12 to 4 PM. What do you think Delboy, great site by the way.

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