PMR446 DX Weekend 2005

Sat 6th/Sun 7th August 2005

Well here we go for the 5th (Yes 5th), annual PMR446 DX Weekend. It's hard to believe that we have been DX-Ing and promoting PMR446 radios for over 5 years !!!!

This years event, as usual, took place over the 1st weekend in August. A great chance to make that long distance contact that you've always dreamt of.

Delboy - Blyth, Northumberland

As usual I attempted my DX contacts from the top of our local pit heap. Plenty of local stations within 10 miles of my location but the only good DX contacts were with Tim (UK115) who was located on top of the Stanhope Moors at a distance of 30 miles, and I also made contact with a couple of fishermen located in Redcar which is approximately 40 miles from my location.

Also (As reported below), GrahamG who was located on the North Yorkshire Moors at a distance of 47 miles heard my transmissions but by the time he gave me a call I had already moved to another channel.

Tim UK115 - Location Stanhope Moors North East England

A bit disappointing, mainly as there was a huge amount of activity on all 8 channels but not many of them were prepared to chat with a stranger and ended up just giving abuse. Sadly any genuine operators, at a distance, trying to get through had little chance of making it above the noise. With the exception of yourself and Ian.

I did make contact with one station in Sunderland ( who declined to give a name ) and another in Consett ( also nameless ) both seemed to have little interest in the distance between us and drifted off to swear at each other again.

Never mind, I had other equipment with me and had a few qso's on 40 and 20 metres. Definitely a good location for any RF contacts though, When I chatted to Ian it was 1/2 watt rubber duck to 1/2 watt rubber duck at a distance of roughly 20 mile - not bad. Here's a couple of pics attached anyway.


Tim UK115

GrahamG - North Yorkshire Moors

I did try from the North York moors around Saturday lunchtime, as promised - First went to Danby Beacon, NZ 736 094 (OS Landranger 94). This was the site of a WWII radar station and when you get there it's not hard to see why as it is only a metre short of 300 metres above sea level, and you can actually drive a car right to it.

Unfortunately there was some mother/young child traffic coming in fairly strongly and regularly on [8-No CTCSS] so it was a bit awkward as I couldn't really crash the channel while they were using it. Also, despite the relative height, Danby isn't necessarily the best launch site for a UHF signal because the ground slopes away from the 'summit' at a relatively gentle pace, so it doesn't have the ideal 'pinnacle' shape with a steep downward slope all around.

I then drove to the village of Boulby just NW of the well known Potash mine, parked beside the prominent mast beside the tiny road running NW out of Boulby and walked a couple of hundred metres to Rockhole Hill NZ 749 195 (213 Metres) - the hill ends suddenly in 200 metre high cliffs zooming down to the sea, giving what has to be an ideal takeoff over the sea to the north.

I arrived there at about 1:20pm, called a few times, got no response and then scanned for a bit and heard "DB1" (Surely Delboy?) calling with a fairly strong signal, but by the time I got organised to call back he was gone, perhaps working the guys in Redcar or Stanhope.

If you want to log it as an SWL report, Delboy, the distance from Rockhole hill to Blyth town centre (calculated by programming both co-ordinates into a GPS) is 47 miles. Redcar is about 3 miles further north than Rockhole hill. The receiving radio was a T6222 - I imagine you were using exactly the same radio yourself.

I'm afraid I didn't hear Tim, which is a shame.

I did hear plenty of non-enthusiast (ie, commercial and other closed group) traffic and an awful lot of it was unmistakeably Geordie accents coming in from Tyneside 35-40 miles away rather than Teesside.


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