Ian Fisher Communications

Stanhope, County Durham

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning when David (M0DAD) and myself decided to go for a jaunt to Ian Fishers radio shop in Stanhope. We have both been before on several occasions but it had been some time since our last visit so we were keen to see if the downturn in the CB/Amateur radio hobbies had affected the range of equipment available in Ian's shop. 

We were delighted to find that a wide variety of radio equipment was on display: CB's, 10 meter Amateur radios, Scanners, Marine, PMR 446 and a large selection of antennas give us plenty to look at. Of course, I went straight to the PMR446 sets of which there were several models to choose from. Ian told me that the PMR446 market is very buoyant in his local area with many farmers and shopkeepers using the service as part of their daily lives. He has also had several orders for PMR446 from larger businesses from around the region and I can tell you that from what I observed, Ian can supply the right radios for any business or individual and is more than willing to take the time to help anyone who is unsure of any aspect of radio communications. Indeed he was only to happy to let me try some of the radios in his shop.

While I engaged in conversation with Ian, David took the opportunity to find a few goodies to help in the building of an antenna mast.

I must say that this shop has almost everything you could ever need from TV antennas to screwdrivers, Ice cream to deck chairs. It seems that Ian has thought of everything and provides an invaluable service to the local community.

After leaving the shop and saying our goodbyes we headed to the chip shop 100 yards from Ian's shop where Fishcake and Chips were duly ordered and eaten. Lovely !

So why not make the trip to Ian's Shop yourself. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Contact Information:

Ian Fisher Communications, The Market Shop, Stanhope, Co. Durham

Tel: (01388) 528464 or mobile 07860 786560

Please Quote Delboy Enterprises when contacting the shop.

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