Telcom TE200 Review

Information Supplied by Clive


Channels: 8 + 38 CTCSS codes, Plus FM Radio
Scan Facility: Channel/Tone Scan
Antenna: Folding Type
Power Output: 500mw
Batteries: 4 X AAA
Squelch: Adjustable (4 levels)
Call Tones: 8 selectable
Price: Approx. 69 per pair

I have just purchased a pair of these radio's, absolutely brilliant value. They come as a pair, with batteries and two hands free kits. They stand about 3.5" high 2" wide and about 1" thick, folding antenna, 4 X AAA batteries each. They receive FM radio broadcasts as well as PMR 446. The usual 38 tones are covered on the usual 8 channels, there is also a facility to turn the tone off. 

All functions are accessible via a menu system which is a little awkward at first but you do get used to it. First menu is channel select, second is code select, third is volume, fourth is squelch level ( 4 different levels, and internally variable too !), fifth is vox and vox level, sixth is call tone select (8 different ones to choose from), ninth is monitor on/off (squelch defeat), tenth is scan on/off and scan direction (Scan also detects the code being transmitted and displays it in real time which is really handy), and finally eleventh is the display background colour (red/amber/green).

As regards performance, they are as sensitive as any radio I have possessed that works on 446 including some amateur gear, and the squelch level is set quite low for an "Off the shelf" radio, and can be slightly improved without any difficulty. Definitely one of the better 446 radio's I have seen. Oh, and it has a very discreet beep at the end of each transmission.

Overall, a very good radio with loads of features.

SQUELCH MOD: Click Here for the Mod Page

Many thanks for the info Clive. They certainly sound like a good radio, packed with features and at a reasonable price - DELBOY

Message taken from my radio forum:

WOW! These are the best things since, well sliced bread I suppose !
by Mad Miff

Posted on Dec 2, 2001, 10:09 PM

Been meaning to get a set of 2-ways radios for some time. Then I saw a pair of Telcom TE200's in Dixon's, but I did not buy them then, first I had to check them out on the net.

After searching I found this page, and after reading the review I knew they were right for me.

Went to town, in Dixon's they had them on special offer of just 69.99, down from 89.99, then on top of that they had a further 10% off, so all I paid was just 62.99.

Once I was home I played with them, and wow I got to tell you for something so small they are very good.

The keys are easy to use, pity they don't light up but you can't have everything I suppose. The hands free kit you get works very well, I soon had delusions of grandeur thinking I was a secret agent checking out the joint talking through my concealed radio on the hands free kit.

And if you get bored or even maybe lost and wonder how far you have wandered from home you can tune into FM radio stations with great reception. You might get a shock when you hear BBC Scotland and you live in Suffolk, ha ha.

I love the option to alter the back light from red through amber to green and the call tunes are neat too. And the fold down aerial is really neat.

All in all, these are very cool things to have, they are tiny yet are packed with features and their design and colour is also very tidy.

Further Information:

TE200 PROBLEM - Radio changes to FRS Mode !

Reprogramming Telcom TE200 - By Paul Usher

(Taken from my radio forum)

My Telcom TE200 ended up showing a 14 channel FRS display , but did not work as a FRS set. The radio was ok though. The fix was to reprogram it by linking jp3 then powering up (gives a display of 0 to 3)

Select 0 then power off normally , remove link.

That's it !! all back to normal. You may wish to see what the other numbers do, its fun and safe.

Oh yes, jp3 jumper pads are located just below the tx button , take care not to short to the tin screen !

Have fun !! Paul.

Posted on Sep 10, 2002, 11:55 PM

Date Posted: Thursday, May 06, 13:49:03
Author: Grizzle
Subject: Re: Telcom TE200 in FRS mode TRY THIS !

Thanks guys! The unit is now functioning correctly.
I did what Paul suggested and tried the other modes. Checked the outputs on a spectrum analyser so frequencies are not necessarily highly accurate. The results are here:

Mode 0 - 8 Channels in the 446MHz region (PMR446 mode)
Mode 1 - 14 channels in the 460MHz region (FRS freqs?)
Mode 2 - 8 channels in the 446MHz region (PMR446 mode)
Mode 3 - 14 channels in the 460MHz region (FRS freqs?)

So it would appear that there is a repeat of the two modes. There may be other subtle differences I've not observed.

Thanks a bunch!

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